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Home Books & Games Chinese Sinolingua Reading Tree Readers
Home Books & Games Chinese Sinolingua Reading Tree Readers
The Sinolingua Reading Tree series is a compilation of graded Chinese storybooks. The first level is for preschoolers and the next three leveles are tailored for kindergarten aged children and elementary school students who are native English speakers as well as Chinese-English bilingual learners in international schools. Each level is composed of 10 storybooks except the Starter level which has 20 titles. The authors of this series are all experienced teachers, they have taken the difficult points students may encounter and the areas where students’ interest may be stimulated into full consideration during the compilation process. In this series, the vocabulary becomes more and more difficult with every level. Each of the stories is engaging and illustrated with vivid images to facilitate readers’ understanding and interest. We now have the corresponding level and ACTFL proficiency level noted for each title as there are different ACTFL levels within each Reading Tree level.
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