La Classe

Cindy Tracy

Someone emailed me today asking when we would have this film on dvd. We have the book it is based on "Entre les murs", but not the film. It will be released in Canada before it is released in the U.S. (like "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" and some of the...

Books on Conservation and the Environment

Cindy Tracy

I added a new category under French books - these are books for children on the enviroment. I liked them because they are in simple French and are designed to get children thinking about what they can do to conserve energy, clean up their environment, etc. There is also the...

Hello world

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This is my first post to our new blog. I have been working for over 4 months on our “new and improved” website. Tell me what you think! I hope you find it easier to navigate, but feel free to give me feedback. I plan to use it to comment...