Summer Reading in a Foreign Language

Summer Reading in a Foreign Language

Cindy TracyMay 20, '20

Having students read during the summer in the foreign language they are studying is very important. Many students lost time during the pandemic and online lessons - don't let them lose another couple of months. Find books that are high interest for them. For reluctant readers, they might be willing to read Harry Potter in French or Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dogman in Spanish. For the more adventurous readers, have them read an original book in that language.

Even if the book is a little below their reading ability, if it is not too difficult, they are more willing to give it a try. Reading in Spanish instead of only English can help their vocabualary and comprehension. Summer reading in a foreign language helps them keep up their reading skills and if they have a written assignment on the book, their writing skills as well!

We can create a specific landing page for each school to email their parents - using the links for the collections you want the parents to concentrate on if you don't want to assign a specific book. There is no charge and the school takes no financial risk. Once we know what books might be ordered by parents and the number of students in the class, we will ensure to have enough books in stock to meet demand.

Here are two examples:

Atlanta International School - ttps://  

Language Academy in San Diego - 

Let us know by email ( or by phone (800-729-3703) if you have any questions about setting up a summer reading program for your school!

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