Importance of reading at an early age

Importance of reading at an early age

Cindy Tracy


Reading is a source that develops your mind and helps it grow. Reading not only enhances your language skills but also enhances your writing skills. Books are the way you can travel the whole world while sitting in your room. But reading isn’t only for adults, it is very important for children too, as young minds are more vigilant and sharp and can easily learn things. Reading in another language will help them not only with another language, but can help learn another culture too.

Now reading doesn’t only involve reading from the paper, but the online mode has also been really helpful for children and adults. People are using the internet for everything nowadays. It is being used for the business purpose for shopping purposes, and also for educational purposes. Moreover, during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the institutes have been shut down and so the education is shifted to an online mode which also became one of the reasons that this year students had to finish high school online.

Importance of reading

Reading not only enhances your literary skills it also makes you confident and boosts your social skills. It helps you grow emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. When you are reading a book you explore different ideas, you learn new skills, you discover the world, and you get to know about the cultures and customs being practiced in different parts of the world. Reading broadens your horizon, it helps you understand your problems maturely; it helps you find solutions to your problems more conveniently. 

How can you make reading a habit for children?

When your kids are younger, you can begin with reading them bedtime stories at night; make this a routine as this will develop your child's interest in reading. You should encourage your child to read newspapers, reading manuals, road signs this all will make them curious for reading and make reading their habit. You may take your child to the library once a week; tell them to read books they like. You can also discuss the books your child is reading with him/her.

How reading makes your mind strong?

Reading works as a mental exercise. Reading a book is a constructive habit that helps us in improving our concentration and focusing ability. Reading benefits your mind in a way that your mind starts processing things faster. When you make reading your habit, you start noticing that reading relaxes you and relieves the stress on your mind.

According to a study, it has been proven that reading increases the activity in our brain central sulcus which lets us feel the sensations and experience the emotions the character is experiencing in the book and this fact tells us how our brain’s biology put us in someone else’s shoes. The mental stimulation that is caused in your brain through reading helps you avoid different mental diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Advantages of reading 

Reading has a very positive impact on children, not only does it become a source of entertainment for them, but it also makes them intellectually strong and creative. Some of the benefits of reading are listed below

  1. Reading improves your memory 

It is important to read books because it makes our brain strong as it improves our memory, whenever we’re reading your whole brain comes in action and exhilarates all its function, so reading is important in keeping your mind active.

  1. Improved communication skills

You can only talk when you have the knowledge about the subject and reading expands your knowledge. Reading gives you the basic knowledge about everything so it helps you in communicating well and it also boosts your social skills.

  1. Reading improves vocabulary 

Reading books help you learn new and difficult words. When a child starts reading he/she starts learning about the structures of the sentences and unconsciously learns how to put words together to form sentences.

  1. Reading develops the emotion of empathy

Reading lets the children and the adults experience the pain and happiness that the character is feeling. It makes them empathic. Reading builds the skills of emotional intelligence and it helps in relating and connecting to others' lives. When you’re reading something, you’re always imagining being in that situation which is why you empathize with the character.

  1. Reading helps you achieve more in school

Reading helps children in learning; it helps them in getting a better understanding of their studies and lectures. A reader is always sorting things in his/her mind and that is why readers develop a higher level of concentration and focus which ultimately helps him/her in studies.

Reading helps you forget your worries, it able you to see life from a different perspective which helps you in seeing the world from another eye, it helps in experiencing and understanding the things that you haven’t come across yet, you should make reading an important part of your children’s lives as it will help them in developing and learning comprehensive skills.

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