Nowhere in Africa DVD

2002 Academy Award winner for best foreign film.

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Nowhere in Africa DVD - 2002 Academy Award winner for best foreign film. German film directed by Caroline Link.  One family's tale of a homeland lost... and a homeland found -  A Jewish family in Germany emigrate short before the Second World War. They move to Kenya to start running a farm, but not all members of the family come to an arrangement with their new life. Shortly after their departure, things are changing in Germany very quickly, and a turning back seems impossible. So everyone has to arrange himself with the new life in a new continent.
They struggle between resisting and embracing their new life, while reaching out to each other. Stars Juliane Köhler, Merab Ninidze and SidedeOnyulo. Rated R for some sexual content, 144 minutes. The DVD has optional English subtitles with German audio. This 2 disc set includes filmaker's commentary, deleted scenes with optional commentary, cast and crew interviews and more.

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