Abrir Paso 4A

This Miraflores text deals with music and daily life. El tango. Decir Argentina es decir carne

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Abrir Paso 4A - Argentina - This Miraflores text deals with music and daily life.

  • El tango
  • Decir Argentina es decir carne

Dicen que el tango tiene una gran languidez, por eso lo prohibió Pí­o diez.’ The Pope tried to stop the tango: lyrics, dance, music, all! What was so offensive that the Vatican tried to intervene and have it barred world wide? Practice the preterit and the imperative and decide if this is just another musical style and dance or if the tango is a way of celebrating machismo.

Do you eat meat every day? Is your dinner incomplete without meat? If your answer is yes, you eat like most Argentines. Compare the pampa and Patagonia. Contrast both with your own country. And all of this while learning accents.

Subject matter: music; daily life

Vocabulary: music and parties; domestic animals
Grammar: preterit and imperfect; accents
Oral practice: musical likes and dislikes; food likes and dislikes
Homework: descriptive composition about music; about foods
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search


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