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Oxford Professional Books

New to teaching English as a Second Language or just need some fresh ideas? These Oxford Professional Books are designed for teachers of ESL or ESOL in terms of ESL Methodology and Language Methods for teaching.
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  • Assessing Young Learners

    Assessing Young Learners by Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou and Pavlos Pavlou. This book helps teachers to assess children's progress in English.
  • The Internet and Young Learners

    by Gordon Lewis. This book is for teachers of children aged eight to thirteen and combines Internet resources with structured classroom activities to maximize learning potential.
  • Techniques in Testing

    Techniques in Testing by Howard Madsen. Testing in all skill areas is covered. How to write and evaluate tests is clearly explained with numerous examples.
  • Techniques in Teaching Writing

    Techniques in Teaching Writing by Ann Raimes. This book outlines practical procedures for teachers.
  • Techniques in Teaching Vocabulary

    Techniques in Teaching Vocabulary by Virginia French Allen. This book provides a sound basis for teaching vocabulary.
  • Techniques and Resources in Teaching Reading

    by Sandra Silberstein. This book answers both theoretical and practical questions on the teaching of reading.
  • Techniques and Resources in Teaching Grammar

    by Marianne Celce-Murcia and Sharon L. Hilles. This book is for teachers who are asking whether, when, and how to teach grammar.
  • Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching

    by Diane Larsen-Freeman. Practical, step-by-step guidance for new teachers, while introducing more experienced teachers to new approaches and ideas.
  • Teaching American English Pronunciation

    Teaching American English Pronunciation by Peter Avery and Susan Ehrlich. Teaching American English Pronunciation is a comprehensive introduction to the subject.
  • Success in English Teaching

    by Paul Davies and Eric Pearse, a comprehensive and readable introduction to teaching English written in a clear and jargon-free style.
  • Storytelling with Children

    Storytelling with Children by Andrew Wright. This book includes a selection of ready-to-tell stories with activities that can be used with any story.
  • How Languages Are Learned

    by Patsy M. Lightbown and Nina Spada. This book presents the main theories of language acquisition
  • Games for Children

    Games for Children - This book shows how to use games in the classroom to strengthen language learning.
  • English for Primary Teachers Book and CD

    This award-winning book is a great introduction to teaching English to providing advice, ideas and activities.
  • Cultural Awareness

    Cultural Awareness by Barry Tomalin and Susan Stempleski. This book is designed to promote cross-cultural interaction in the classroom with over 70 ready-to-use activities.
  • Creating Stories with Children

    by Andrew Wright. This book offers imaginative ideas and resources for helping children to create their own stories, books and plays.
  • Writing with Children

    by Jackie Reilly and Vanessa Reilly. This book teaches the Roman alphabet, letter shapes and names.

17 Item(s)


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