Sinolingua My First Chinese Story Books

This is a series of bilingual Chinese and English picture books that have been primarily designed as educational readers for young English speakers who are learning Chinese. One page has English, and the facing page has simplified Chinese and pinyin.

1) First are titles for ages 4-10 full of interesting stories that are based on the everyday lives of children - Stories of Xiaolong. The appendices at the end of each book pinpoint key words and sentences, and include questions based on the stories for parents and teachers to use in engaging children in interactive activities.

2) Next follow titles of animal stories. The author, an experienced teacher, selected these stories from Chinese fables and idioms and adapted them for young learners of Chinese as a fresh way of learning through reading. Again, there are appendices at the end of each book to pinpoint key words and sentences.

3) Finally there are stories of Chinese idioms. These stories have been selected from ancient Chinese literature and adapted them to help young learners of Chinese appreciate the different ways of thinking by the individuals in the stories.

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