Cinema for Russian Conversation - Volume 2

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Cinema for Russian Conversation - Volume 2 by Mara Kashper, Olga Kagan and Yuliya Morozova. For departments of Russian offering courses in Russian language and conversation (Intermediate - Advanced level) through the use of Russian language films. Also, an introduction to Russian cinema. This two-volume series presents fourteen films in historical order. Each chapter focuses on one film and includes assignments for students ranging from Intermediate to Advanced Plus proficiency according to the ACTFL guidelines. The books have a modular structure that allows instructors to select the films according to the students' interests and goals of the class. The books can be used on their own as textbooks or to provide supplemental materials for classes at various levels. While the books' main purpose is the development of students' conversational skills, each chapter also includes texts for reading comprehension and exercises that focus on the acquisition of written skills and grammatical accuracy.

Volume 2 offers:
1. A Cruel Romance
2. Adam's Rib
3. Prisoner of the Mountains
4. The Thief
5. Princess on the Beans
6. The Kazan Orphan
7. East / West (in French and Russian)

There is no teacher's edition - answers are at the back. Paperback, 175 pages.