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Israel CD - A new generation of Israeli artists explores the diverse musical traditions of this multicultural Middle Eastern country. Great Hanukkah Present! Nowhere is the diversity of Israel more evident than in its music. A beguiling fusion of European and Middle Eastern melodies with other elements from the vast Jewish Diaspora, Israel?s music reflects the multiple influences of its inhabitants. This collection highlights a new generation of Israeli musicians who transcend the political strife depicted on the evening news. From Yemenite chants to Jamaican reggae, this collection represents some of the diverse sounds impacting the popular music of modern Israel.

1 Etti Ankri - Nilkach Meemeni Sod
2 Itay Pearl - Chipopo
3 Hadas Dagul - Seret Eelem
4 Rona Kenan with Gidi Gov - Ha'rikud Ha'muzar Shel Ha'lev
5 Mosh Ben Ari - Eem Rak Na'iz
6 Moshav Band - Bereshit
7 Zafa - Tariki
8 Sheva - Ashrey Ha'ish
9 David Broza - Srochim
10 Tea Packs - Vehapa'am Shir Ahava
11 Amal Murkus - Ta'alu
12 The Idan Raichel Project - Mi Ma'amakim