Readeez Volume Two DVD


SKU: B002X9KZEM The Readeez Company

Readeez Volume Two DVD - In this second collection, the daddy-daughter duo of Julian and Isabel is off to climb Mount Wayupthere. Along the way they'll share with you a knapsack full of catchy new tunes, from "The Land Of I Don't Know" to the goofy "Boomba Boom" to the heartfelt "Tonight And Every Night" -- all featuring Readeez' innovative see it/hear it technique that turns common words into familiar friends. Creator Michael Rachap pops in with some delightful songs as well. So come along with us-for the journey of two lifetimes.

Volume Two includes:
1. "Dad, I'm Bored"
2. Make it up the Mountain
3. Modes of Transportation
4. Boomba Boom
5. Little Song
6. Something You Haven't Seen
7. The Land of I Don't Know
8. Isabel Waters
9. Everybody Clap your Hands
10. Big in Mind
11. Love's Enough
12. Watermelon
13. "Halfway up the Mountain"
14. I'm Awake
15. Chandelier
16. Love Your Lunch
17. Counting for Pleasure
18. You Have a Heart
19. A Special Name for Twelve
20. Colds
21. April Fool
22. When I Dance
23. Speculate
24. Digging the Weeds
25. Jonah
26. The Duck Song
27. Flip Flops
28. "Nearly There"
29. Tonight and Every Night
30. "We Made It!"