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Home Books & Games Italian Eli Leveled Readers in Italian

These Italian leveled readers are for middle and high schoolers by Eli Publishing. Each title includes activities in the book and an audio cd to listen to the story. There are original stories and abridged classics. These well-illustrated readers include a mixture of classic and original titles. Each book is accompanied by an audio CD with a narration of the text, read by a native speaker. The books are divided into chapters with a glossary at the foot of each page where necessary. The variety of pre-reading and after-reading activities, at the end of each chapter, aid comprehension and enrich the langauge learning process, while a selection of useful dossiers provide additional information about the author and cultural context of the text. A brief 'Test Yourself' section of activities concludes each book.

Letture Graduate ELI Giovani and Letture Graduate ELI Giovani Adulti - Level 2 (A2) readers have 800 words, Level 3 (B1) readers have 1000 words.


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