Wedding Song, The - Le chant des mariées DVD

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The Wedding Song - Le chant des mariées DVD - 2008 film directed by Karin Albou. The writer and director of La Petite Jerusalem explores love and identity through the prism of the female body and the rights of its owner. The film focuses on the intense friendship of two 16-year-old girls living in Nazi-occupied Tunis in 1942. Nour, a Muslim, eagerly anticipates her wedding to a handsome cousin; Myriam, a French Jew, is furiously resisting her betrothed to a much older doctor whose money is needed to pay fines imposed by the Nazis. The girls' bond becomes a compelling love story that will be tested and only by personal grudges but also by anti-Jewish propaganda and inflamed animosity for the French colonists. Stars Lizzie Brocheré, Olympe Borval and Najib Oudghiri. Unrated, but it contains mature subject matter, 100 minutes, in French and Arabic with optional English subtitles.