Shapes around us

Arabic dvds to learn Arabic and Films in Arabic


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Shapes around us - Toddler's Arabic DVD: An original Arabic DVD series for babies and children similar to Baby Einstein. Cartoon animation, music and entertainment focused on teaching Arabic to babies 6 months to kids 5 years of age. An absolute must for parents of young children who want to raise them fluent in Arabic. Shapes includes the circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, crescent star and heart with quizzes which offer plenty of opportunity for parent-child interaction.

This educational and entertaining new dvd introduces early learning basics that every child needs to know plus great sing along songs to help them remember what they learned! Learn about circles, square and crescents from around you through songs, puppets, animation and captivating colorful footage with all the familiar children!

This video will take you toddler on an exciting visual and auditory field trip through a shape filled world familiar to his eyes. Whether in the wheel of a car or the window of a house, your little thinker will start to spot the shapes around him in his daily life.

Contains original score composed by Arab musicians with Arabic instruments & rhythms.


Ages: Baby 6 months to Preschool 5 years

Language: Arabic. Standard Fusha Arabic with some colloquial levant accent (esp Palestine/Jordanian and at times Lebanese).

Duration: 30 Minutes