Welcome – French film about Kurdish refugees

Cindy Tracy

With all the controversy about illegal Hispanics in the U.S., it was interesting to watch Welcome, a French film about a different group of illegal aliens, in a different country. It was extremely sad to see how the French treat and view these illegal immigrants from Iraq and Afghanistan - the French authorities do not physically force them to return to their own countries, but they do not allow anyone to help them. It was a gripping film, well-acted. The theme is a bit intense for young students, I think this is a good film to show high school students (though there is bad language - if it was rated, it would be PG-13).  It is also interesting that the common language between this Frenchman and Kurdish refugee is English - so the film is in French, Kurdish and English, with optional English subtitles. While the ending is not a happy, ties-up-everything-in-a-bow type of ending, it is realistic and worthwhile that the Frenchman in the starring role, Simon, becomes a better person for helping this illegal immigrant, "un clandestin" and a beautiful story about sacrifice and what one will do for love. Definitely worth seeing.

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