The Wind Journeys – Los Viajes del Viento

Cindy Tracy

I have been bad about posting to my blog, but saw a great Colombian film last night. This film was Colombia's entry to the 2010 Academy awards as best foreign film. The cinematography was incredible and shows different parts of rural Northern Colombia - from a desert, to a lagoon, to fields of sorghum. The plot centers around a man traveling across Northern Colombia to return an accordion to its rightful owner. There are many questions raised and not completely answered, which makes for great discussion after the film. In terms of appropriateness for classroom use, there is no nudity, no sex and only one violent scene (which you mainly see through the shadows of the two men fighting and their reflection in the water). The music was beautiful and memorable. I would definitely recommend this film to high school and university students. Middle school students would enjoy parts of it, especially the scenes of the "dueling accordionists", but I think they would get bored if watching the entire film. The dvd includes a free discussion guide, which will facilitate classroom discussion.
Marciano Martinez, a well-known singer in Colombia, is excellent in the starring role of Ignacio Carrillo.

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