Madeinusa - Peruvian Easter film

Madeinusa - Peruvian Easter film

Cindy Tracy

I am sorry I have not posted in awhile, I have been traveling almost every week-end to exhibit at foreign language conferences. But this week-end I was home and my husband and I watched this very unusual Peruvian film - Madeinusa. It takes place in a small Peruvian village with no telephones - three days walking from the nearest town. Easter is what the villagers call the "Días de los Santos" and here is where fiction comes in - from Good Friday at 3 pm, until Sunday morning at 6 am, God is "dead" and there are no sins (because He cannot see them). It is centered around a young 14 year-old girl and her coming of age. I don't want to give away too much of the film - you can see a much more detailed description on our website -
but it is the type of film you want to discuss afterwards, very thought provoking. You could not show the entire film to a high school class without permission from parents, but showing parts of it would be fantastic to discuss the culture of a small town in Peru.

You have to realize this is a fictional film and parts of it are rather disturbing (sexual abuse), but a deep film that would engender a lot of discussion. How much of the customs are fact and how much are fiction?

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