Little Pim DVDs

Little Pim DVDs

Cindy Tracy

Many people know about "The Pimsleur Method" and Dr. Paul Pimsleur's famous audio CDs. I met his daughter, Julia Pimsleur Levine. She felt there was a need for a GOOD dvd approach to teaching young children (ages 0-5) a second language. This is an immersion approach, with no English in the DVDs. We have added them - the set of 3 dvds come in French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and English. We have even added a sample video with the description, so you can see how it is structured before you buy. Tell us what you think!

Here is a little more about the methodology behind the dvds:
Julia was inspired by her own bilingual childhood: she is the daughter of Dr. Paul Pimsleur, who pioneered the international best-selling foreign language audio teaching method. In determining how best to approach creating effective materials for kids, she immersed herself in the latest scientific research regarding language acquisition and brain development, her own experience as a teacher, and background in filmmaking.

The Little Pim method uses entertainment and immersion, and engages with a child’s natural love of repetition. Children get very attached to the lovable cartoon panda bear, Little Pim, who is the series “teacher.” He invites young viewers to join him in his playful antics as they learn the language along real children enjoying everyday activities, such as playing, eating, waking and napping.

The entire DVD has language spoken by native speakers, and words are presented and repeated at regular intervals. Each Little Pim DVD focuses on sixty words and phrases typically acquired in a toddler’s primary language, providing the essential building blocks for language acquisition.

Little Pim DVDs are designed and paced for developing minds. Young children respond enthusiastically to Little Pim’s format, a combination of animation and live action. Babies respond to black and white, therefore the panda captures the attention of even the youngest viewers. Each 35-minute DVD is segmented into seven 5-minute episodes to accommodate a young child’s attention span and encourage pausing for parent interaction. Simple sentences are broken down into easy-to-understand parts, and reinforced through repetition. We encourage you to watch Little Pim with your little one and repeat the words together – it’s fun for kids and adults! The more you interact with the language, the easier the lessons become and the more your child will learn.

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