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Incorrect Subtitles - one of my pet peeves

Cindy Tracy

My husband and I watched a hilarious movie on Netflix yesterday, 2013 "The Big Wedding". I could not believe I had never heard of this film when I saw who was in it. Robert de Niro and Diane Keaton are a divorced couple. Robert de Niro is now with his ex-wife's former best friend, Susan Sarandon. They have three adult children, played by Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace and Ben Barnes, engaged to Amanda Seyfried. The Catholic priest is played by Robin Williams, in one of his last films. Ben Barnes is Alejandro, whom they adopted from Colombia, his mother giving him up so he could have a better life. She comes from Colombia for the wedding, along with Alejandro's sister. Because his mother speaks no English, I was delighted and surprised to hear Spanish for some of the movie. However, at the rehearsal dinner, Alejandro's birth mother tells her daughter not to take off her shawl, that her V-necked dress is too revealing. She replies "Mira los melones en la cara plástico, referring to Christine Ebersole, who plays Amanda Seyfried, and who seems to love Botox. However, when I glanced at the translation, instead of saying "Look at the melons on plastic face" it read "Look at the papayas on hurricane face".  Hurricane face? That does not even make sense. So, if you don't know the language, you miss a lot of the humor having to rely on subtitles that don't always translate well.

If you are proficient enough to be able to read the subtitles in Spanish - choose that option!!! Click here - Films in Spanish with Spanish or English subtitles for our list of dvds with Spanish subtitles as well as English subtitles!

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