Films in Spanish with Spanish Subtitles

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I was exhibiting at a conference today and a Spanish teacher complained that none of the dvds of films in Spanish had Spanish subtitles. I knew that most had only English subtitles, but I also knew some actually had a choice of Spanish or English subtitles. So I then looked at every single dvd and found over 20 dvds have a choice of Spanish or English subtitles - perfect for upper level classes. I split the category of films in Spanish from Latin America and Spain into 2 categories - those with only English subtitles and those with Spanish and English subtitles. I hope this makes your browsing easier! If you know of other films I have missed, please let me know!

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Here is the link:—films-in-spanish-from-latin-america-and-spain—english-and-spanish-subtitles.cfm

All of these dvds have Spanish or English subtitles!


Where can I get that list? could you send it to my email. I was curious about this also…it really helps you learn spanish a lot faster. My university has a library full of latin film so If I could get that list that’d be great!

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