Benefits of bilingualism

Benefits of bilingualism

Cindy Tracy2 comments

This is a great video - I watched through my subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Once again, it talks about the benefits of young children growing up bilingual, and shows a preschool immersion program in New York, but that even if you are an adult - you can help fight off Alzheimer's by learning (or re-learning) another language. So parents should be learning WITH their children.

Time after time, these studies show the same thing, yet public school boards across the U.S. do not understand the benefits of starting foreign language instruction in elementary school and requiring it through high school. I wish every school board member in this country could watch this little video. I know if you are reading this, I am probably preaching to the choir, but pass this video on - I will!!! Then you can come to our website, and find the products to help achieve bilingualism outside of a class!

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susan smith

Allowing the kids to learn Spanish is not just about being bilingual, although that in itself opens up many opportunities for them.
It is actually easier to learn Spanish while they are learning English!

Gloria Alkins

Couldn’t agree more. I’m from Canada where I taught French Immersion and IB level French for decades and loved it! I now find myself in Perth, Australia where LOTE (Languages Other Than English) is either non-existent or struggling to remain in the curriculum in many schools both primary and secondary. The caliber of LOTE teachers is also questionable in this state. Overall, the perception often seems to be that bilingualism isn’t necessary if one speaks English. The DVD you speak of is desperately needed in Western Australia!

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