World's Wackiest French Joke Book

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World's Wackiest French Joke Book by Sue Fenton. 500 puns in French guaranteed to give you Déjà -Eww! Paperback, 136 pages. Learning French vocabulary has never been such great fun! Put away the boring lists, crack open this book, put on a smile, and chuckle! Let humor and creative word plays help you learn French vocabulary like never before!

The jokes & puns are intended for anyone 10 years and up, for French students, teachers, and for adult young-at-heart francophiles who want to review or learn more French and appreciate unpredictable and silly word plays.

This zany book has 14 chapters:
Animals, Crazy ("Très goofé"), House, Art, Family, Music, Birds, Fashion, Numbers, Body, France, Restaurant, Calendar, Celebrations, Fruits & Vegetables.

This book has:
• 500 jokes on 14 different themes.
• the French words in boldface type to help you focus on them.
• answers with NOTES in case you are stumped.
• FUN FACTS about French culture.

Frederic Chopin (of French and Polish descent) shaved one side of his face but had a beard on the other side. He thought it was practical because audiences only saw one side of his face when he played concerts.

What a perfect gift for:
• parents to give their middle school sons or daughters or relatives who are taking – or are about to take – French.
• high school French students.
• people who love the French language.
• teacher colleagues.
• a friend who is about to travel to France and wants to immerse himself or herself in French and French culture.

Teachers! This book...
• gives you a challenge for every day of the school yearÂ…and more!
• gives you cool "stand-up" comedian material!
• gives you jokes & puns that will spice up your lessons and keep the students' attention!
• will help students make visual, cognitive and affective associations and remember vocabulary more easily!
• makes humorous and creative connections which enhance learning!
• will get your students "groaning" so much that they'll claim they can write better jokes. Just what you wanted! Then you challenge them to write 3 to 5
original puns for the current chapter vocabulary! (Touch é !)
• is a perfect gift for that special prize or student award.
• "trains" students to see and make word connections as they study French vocabulary.
• gives students a taste of the style of clever French spirit of "punning" pervasive in ads, slogans, titles, etc. The French love to play with words.


What French bubble gum makes people want to kiss?
Bisou-ka (Bazook; un bisou = kiss)

Why did the French woman party for twenty-four hours on November 1?
She wanted to get her Toussaint's worth (two cents)

What do French people purchase in case they are hit with a cabbage?
in-chou-rance (insurance; un chou = cabbage)

What do you call a French woman who is obsessed with buying hats?
a chapeau-holic (un chapeau = hat)