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World Lounge CD - Putumayo is pleased to present World Lounge, a laid-back collection of downtempo electronica and chill-out music with global flavors. Featuring the latest fusions of electronica and DJ culture with world music, World Lounge provides the perfect soundscape The modern masters of so-called downtempo music are boundless globetrotters, incorporating equal amounts of the exotic and the mundane. European DJs collectives like Gotan Project and Mo' Horizons freely sample South American sounds to create unexpected new creations. Indian sitars, which still conjure up mental images of late-sixties psychedelic rock, are used effectively by Italian producer Nicola Conte and German DJ project Jasmon to create music that is both provocative and reverent. Enigmatic Middle Eastern melodies provide a magical backdrop to the music of Hamid Baroudi, Blue Asia, and Dissidenten. Groups like Arling & Cameron, Pink Martini, Mau Mau, and Montefiori Cocktail reveal that the line between cool and kitsch is as fine as a hair from Tony Bennett's toupee.

The artists and songs are:
1. Jasmon - Dimdanana
2. Nicola Conte - Missione A Bombay
3. Gotan Project - Santa Maria
4. Mo' Horizons - Foto Viva
5. Mau Mau - Venus Nabalera
6. Blue Asia - Abyssinean Dub
7. Arling & Cameron - Shiva's Daughters
8. Montefiori Cocktail - Agua De Beber
9. Dissidenten - Instinctive Traveler
10. Hamid Baroudi - Trance Dance
11. Pink Martini - Sympathique