Word Invaders

English as a 2nd Language (ESL) Software


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Word Invaders - This fun, lively and instructive game replicates a famous arcade game while teaching English words - designed for ESL classes - 6 levels of difficulty. This is the school version - the home version is called 'English Attack'. Download a free demo! Destroy hostile space ships before they get to earth. The aliens are in the form of words, which come down towards you in groups of four, in a line. Three of the them are similar, one is either different, or incorrect English. You must choose which one and destroy it. If you choose correctly, you gain points; if you choose incorrectly, you lose them. There are six levels, from Beginner to Advanced, and five different sections to overcome - vocabulary 1, grammar and spelling, collocation and affixation, pronunciation and vocabulary 2. Mistakes are stored and the program explains wrong choices (the test-teach-test approach again). The program has a word store of 2400 different vocabulary items. The program is fully authorable so teachers can generate their own lists.

Word Invaders requires: PC; Windows (all); Pentium 90+; Soundblaster comp. sound card; 10MB free hard drive space; CD-ROM drive; high color display.