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Women of Latin America CD - Exquisite and lyrical music by some of Latin America's greatest female artists. Putumayo presents Women of Latin America, a collection of poignant songs performed by exceptional Latin divas. The collection was released in conjunction with a 30-city concert tour Putumayo Presents Latinas: Women of Latin America, which featured three artists included on this collection: Mariana Montalvo from Chile, Brazil's Belô Velloso (the niece of Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethania) and one of Columbia's best-known artists, Totó La Momposina, who offers a new, previously unreleased track.

Women of Latin America also includes performances by Lila Downs, the Mexican-American singer featured in the film Frida,and Susana Baca, the internationally renowned Afro-Peruvian artist. Brazil’s rich musical legacy is represented by gifted local favorites Adriana Calcanhotto and Mônica Salmaso. Jacqueline Fuentes from Chile is featured, as well as Peru’s Tania Libertad and Colombian newcomer Marta Gómez.

The list of artists and songs are:
Marta Gómez • La Ronda
Jacqueline Fuentes • Sinuoso Trópico
Adriana Calcanhotto • Justo Agora
Mônica Salmaso • Dançapé
Mariana Montalvo • India Song
Tania Libertad • Anda Mareado
Susana Baca • Caras Lindas
Lila Downs • Icnocuicatl
Belô Velloso • Toda Sexta-Feira
Lhasa • La Frontera
Totó la Momposina • Yo Me Llamo Cumbia

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