Who is Oscar Lake French

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Who is Oscar Lake? - Age 9 - Adult. Interactive multimedia mystery. Learn French and discover who is the jewel thief! Learn vocabulary in context with live action videos. Play a major role in an exciting adventure as you practice French. Participate in over 500 conversational exchanges with live-action characters - choose different responses to play different scenarios in realistic 3-D environments. Get additional practice with the exercises in each location - each user's score is tracked. See translations and menu help in your choice of English, Spanish, German or Italian.

Who is Oscar Lake requires for PC: Pentium III 500+; 24X CD-ROM drive; 16 bit comp. Sound card; 128MB RAM; Windows (All); 1024x768 resolution, 16 bit color quality; 70MB free hard drive space; Quicktime 6+; Speakers; Mouse; Microphone (recommended). For Macintosh: OS X (v10.1+); G3 or G4 processor; Quicktime 6+; 1024x768 resolution, millions of colors; 70MB free hard drive space; 128MB RAM; 24X CD-ROM drive; Sound card; Microphone (recommended).