Wenlin 4.1.1

Chinese (Mandarin) Software


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Wenlin - Ages 12 - Adult. Interactive software used for both reading and writing Chinese literature. This Chinese Language Software combines a high-speed expandable Chinese dictionary, a full-featured text editor, and unique 'flashcard' system all in one intuitive environment. This Chinese language course is wonderful! Now available on cd-rom OR by download!

Its electronic dictionary has pictures of ancient and modern forms of Chinese characters and contains over 10,000 characters and over 13,000 compound words and phrases. The Chinese language software Wenlin can be used both for writing and for reading Chinese literature. Includes a 216 page user's manual.

What's New in Version Four?

Wenlin 4.1 contains new and updated features, including:

      • Availability both on CD-ROM and for downloading.

      • New flexibility in the location of required files (the “Tushuguan” folder), as described in Appendix C

      • Updated Cídiǎn (詞典 Chinese word) dictionary.

      • Updated Yīng-Hàn ( (英汉[-漢] English-Chinese) dictionary.

    • Updated Shuōwén Jiězì (说文解字 Ancient Chinese character) dictionary.

  • When the Simplified Characters option is turned off, full form characters are now shown in all English-Chinese entries and in all example sentences in Chinese-English entries.

  • Stroking Box can now run without stopping, in parallel with any work you are doing in other Wenlin windows.
  • A new command in the Help menu: Check For Updates, for conviently making sure you have the most recent version of Wenlin.

  • On Mac OS, the Help menu now provides this Guide in Apple Help form, conveniently searchable with the Spotlight tool.

  • Several new Advanced Options

  • Complete Unicode 6.2 CJK character set support, including approximately 85,000 CDL descriptions.

  • Site license Pricing - Please call or email!

    Wenlin requires

  • 550 megabytes on hard drive (for complete installation, including sound files), OR

  • 210 megabytes on hard drive (for partial installation, excluding sound files)

  • 100 megabytes RAM (in addition to RAM needed by the operating system)

  • If you receive Wenlin on a CD-ROM, a CD-ROM drive is required for installation, but afterwards it is no longer required. Alternatively, Wenlin can always be run directly from the CD, in which case installation is unnecessary, and only a few megabytes of hard drive space are used while Wenlin is running.

  • Any of these operating systems:

  •  Microsoft® Windows 7, Vista, XP

  •  Apple® Mac OS X for Intel® (10.4 through 10.8)

  • For Mac OS X, Intel processor only (not PowerPC) machines are supported.
    Classic Mac OS (before OS X) and MS-DOS are no longer supported.