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Volubile - Ages 6 - 10. This all French software program from Canada lets a child travel all over town as they work on their French - 8 educational activities and 2 entertaining activities.

Galerie d'art
- helps them with spelling

Planétarium - works on conjugation of verbs
Bibliothèque - to put texts back together.
Imprimerie - working on vowels which need accents.
Quai - find which word does not belong.
Boutique de jouets - practice spelling by capturing the greatest number of flags.
Confiserie (le jeu des bonbons) - Arcade style game with different levels of difficulty
Cirque - locate the noun, adjective and verb in a sentence.
Cinéma - synonyms and antonyms
Musée - practice spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Volubile requires: PC; Pentium 133+; Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4, XP; 32MB RAM; 256 color display; 4X CD-ROM drive; Sound card.