Vier Minuten, Four Minutes DVD

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Vier Minuten, Four Minutes DVD - 2006 German film directed by Chris Kraus. In Germany, the elder Frau Traude Krueger gives piano classes in a prison for a few prisoners and the security guard Mütze. When she sees the rebel and aggressive Jenny Von Loeben playing piano, she immediately identifies her potential and offers to teach her for a competition. Frau Krueger finds that Jenny was a prodigy when she was a child; abused when she was a teenager and has been imprisoned for murdering and decapitating a man. Along the period they work together preparing for the exhibition, Frau Krueger discloses secrets about her love in World War II while the self-destructive Jenny has four minutes of glory and recognition of her talent. Stars Monica Bleibtreu, Hannah Herzsprung and Sven Pippig. Unrated, 112 minutes.