Veronico Cruz (La Deuda Interna) DVD

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Veronico Cruz (La Deuda Interna) DVD - 1987 film directed by Miguel Pereira. Great film dealing with life in South America's poor back country. It depicts accurately the economic and political oppression without being exploitative. Also beautiful visually. The movie takes place in Argentina during the 70's or 80's in one of the outposts of civilization. This is far away from the cosmopolitan European world of Buenos Aires. This is an interesting story told with the two main characters, Veronico Cruz and 'el maestro' as the vehicle of expression. A pretty good tale as told through the eyes of a naive young boy and his more worldly friend, 'el maestro.' The cinematography is shot with realism and reflects the harshness of the environment, often with panoramic views and beautiful imagery. The movie is about a young boy who is abandoned by his father early in life and the hardships he overcomes. 'El maestro' is a sort of surrogate father to him, who not only teaches him about the world outside of his remote corner of the world, but actually shows him and helps him explore. The two have a good relationship but it is interrupted by the political changes taking place in the country. This was a time of military coups and a restriction of peoples freedoms and often those that did not comply would never be seen again. The movie deals with the realities of change in government in Latin America with a degree of subtlety as there is no violence and the message is conveyed through the changes taking place with the characters. This is a good movie for those interested in Latin American history or the politics of Argentina during the seventies. It is also good for understanding the differences in cultures and the perceptions of those less fortunate. Don't expect a Hollywood production, this was shot on a shoe string budget to get a message out, limited production extras but strong on reality.Stars Leopoldo Aban, Juan José Camero, Guillermo Delgado and Gonzalo Morales. Unrated, black and white and color, 95 minutes. Spanish audio with English subtitles. LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!