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Verb it Game - This Innovative Spanish Board Game will take the Sting out of complex Spanish Verbs!

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The Spanish language has hundreds of irregular verbs! Dozens of verb endings! Fourteen tenses and three moods!Yikes! Is it any wonder Spanish teachers and students are exasperated!

Verb It puts the fun back in Spanish grammar.

As players race through Latin America playing Verb It, they hardly notice they're practising those baffling verbs. Fast-paced and engaging, questions are geared to 3 skill-levels of Spanish: beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. It takes only 45 minutes to play and is suitable for ages 10 and above.

We offer it at the affordable price of only $24.95 USD, Verb It requires no expensive CDs, DVDs or software.

An ideal activity for Spanish clubs, Spanish honor societies, language camps and language fairs.

Verb It is a straightforward game, taking only minutes to learn and without pages ofcomplicated rules to absorb.

Object of the Game

Be the first player to reach the finish line with 1000 pesos in your pocket.

Game Strategy

Correctly answer verb questions and Pasaporte questions thereby earning pesos and a roll of the dice that will advance you around the gamemat towards the finish line.

Try these sample questions:

Intermediate Verb Question: yo/beber/futuro. Answer: (Yo) beberé. I will drink.

Beginner Pasaporte Question: What’s the capital of Peru: Lima, Quito, Mexico City or Ottawa?Answer: Lima

To ensure that you have enough pesos at the finish line, you should challenge your competitors’ answers at every opportunity. If you’re right and your competitor is wrong, you pocket 200 pesos.

Everyone can play Verb it - Beginner to Advanced

Verb It creates a level playing field since verb questions are color-coded according to difficulty: blue for beginner, yellow for intermediate and green for advanced. Pasaporte questions are also geared to three-skill levels. All three skill levels can play together with no one at a disadvantage. Even those who don't know any Spanish can play Verb It by answering only Pasaporte questions in English. 

Verb Tenses Geared to Three Skill Levels

Beginner verb questions cover: the present, present progressive (or continuous), near future and the past; plus the imperative (with tú).

Intermediate verb questions cover: future, imperfect, imperfect progressive, conditional, past, present perfect and present subjunctive.

Advanced verb questions cover: pluperfect, future perfect, conditional perfect, imperfect subjunctive, present perfect subjunctive and pluperfect subjunctive.

Tailor the Game to Your Skill Level

Verb cards are clearly marked according to verb tense making it easy for Spanish learners or Spanish teachers to custom-tailor a game to specific needs. For example, intermediate players, who have not yet learned the future tense, may simply remove those question cards from the game. Or if players need extra practice on a particular tense, then only include those cards in the day’s game.

If you and your friends are all advanced players, who want to review tenses learned previously, play a game with only the beginner and intermediate cards.

PLUS - Sprinkled along the Verb It gamemat are Pasaporte spaces that will test a player's knowledge of LatinAmerica, its history, geography, popular culture and art.