Vale 1 Student Book


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Vale 1 Student Book - ¡Vale! is an original elementary Spanish curriculum in 3 levels, directed towards elementary school students ages 8 - 11 (2rd to 5th grade), who are learning Spanish as a second language.

All the activities proposed in the elementary Spanishcourse are based on recent studies in cognitive psychology, especially in the area of multiple intelligences and in neurolinguistics. Using child-friendly stories, cartoons, songs, rhymes, games and multi-sensory activities, !Vale! introduces the Spanish language in an easy and interesting way.

The student’s book
consists of 10 separate themes for elementary Spanish reading as well as three units of tests and revision based on points important to the student’s life: friendship, home, school. Accordingly the activities proposed cover the areas of the logical-cognitive from motor movement to the creative in order to activate every type of ability. Completing the book are pages of tests, plays and an appendix of words, expressions and activities.

Paperback, 90 pages.

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