Colección Los Mejores - Un caballo en la ciudad


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Un caballo en la ciudad Book and Teacher Tool (reproducible activity guide) by Yolanda Pantin and photographs by Rosa Virginia Urdaneta. At nap time, in the gardens of great houses, or amongst the high buildings, something unexpected might happen... something that might bring light to the life of a child, as does a piece of metal in the darkness. This new book by Yolanda Pantin, illustrated with original photographs, tells the poetic tale of a child and a mother who share their love for horses.

Hardback, 36 pages.
Advanced Readers: 7 to 12 years
Genres: Author Stories and Tales
Themes: Animals, Family
Values: Friendship, Union, Living Together, Freedom, Love Towards Nature
Areas of Study: Language and Literature (Tales and Legends)

Get the 25 page "Teacher Tool" a reproducible activity book. We will send a copy on cd-rom with the book to print out as needed