Tune into Español CD

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Tune into Español CD - Two CD's (80 minutes) with 19 cool songs and raps produced by professional musicians and artists. Teaches the most important Spanish language functions, expressions, structures and vocabulary through music quickly and easily. Level: Beginner and intermediate

Learn to introduce yourself, asking for directions, order a meal, make a telephone call and leave a message, show off your new car, go shopping with a good chance of getting a discount, make travel arrangements, locate a person, talk about feelings, the weather, weekdays, the numbers and more.

Includes these songs:
Disc I
(1) ¡No Comprendo! You identify yourself as a foreigner/understanding/not understanding what is said.
(2) ¿Buenos dí­as,¿cómo está? Greeting someone “How are you?” and various responses
(3) ¿Cómo se dice en español? Asking someone the name of an object; asking someone the spelling of a word; identifying an object
(4) Una pera y dos bananas The numbers and plural nouns; directions
(5) ¿Cuánto cuesta? Negotiating a price
(6) Gracias por todo Thanking someone; expressing gratitude, asking someone to pass on regards saying good bye and wishing someone a good trip.
(7) El lunes estoy en Canadá Annoucing travel schedules and the days of the week
(8) ¿Dónde está la terminal? Asking the way to the train station; giving directions
(9) Esto me gusta Expressing likes and dislikes
(10) ¿Qué hora es Marí­ta? Asking for the time; expressing surprise;

Disc II
(11) ¿Podrí­a ayudarme? Asking for help; thanking someone
(12) Conozco al señor Bosco I know Mr. Bosco - Asking for the whereabouts of a person
(13) ¿Que tiempo hace? What’s the weather like? Talking about the weather.
(14) ¿Qué recomienda usted? What can you recommend? - Selecting a meal in a restaurant; asking for the check
(15) ¿Cómo esto funciona? How does this work? - Asking someone how to operate a pay telephone
(16) ¿Está Susana por favor? Is Susana in? Trying to reach someone on the telephone
(17) Hoy estoy Expressing feelings and emotions
(18) ¡Tengo dolores! I have a pain - Consulting a physician
(19) Rico chico Rich guy - Word and phrases that you may already know.