Tintin Le Lotus Bleu et L'Affaire Tournesol

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SKU: 68009111325 Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Tintin Le Lotus Bleu et L'Affaire Tournesol - 2 great Tintin stories on 1 dvd.

Le Lotus Bleu - The Blue Lotus: Still fighting an international drug smuggling organization, Tintin is in China where he befriends a young boy named Tchang. In real life, Herge also had a friend named Tchang, who assisted him in the preparation of this adventure, in which Tintin must use all his courage, his wit and his will to overcome huge obstacles.

L'Affaire Tournesol - The Calculus Affair: Marlinspike Hall is in turmoil: everything made of glass unexplicably shatters! Everyone is up in arms except Professor Calculus who heads off for Geneva...then disappears. When Tintin and Captain Haddock discover Calculus was being followed by spies, they fly to his rescue!

Audio in French or English and subtitles in French or English. 1 hour, 40 minutes - rated G in Canada.