Tintin L'Étoile Mysterieuse - Volume #10

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Tintin L'Étoile Mysterieuse (Tintin the Shooting Star) volume #10 by Hergé. On board a polar vessel with Captain Haddock at the helm, Tintin and a team of European scientists sail to the Arctic Ocean where an aerolite made of an unknown metal crashed. But soon they find out that another ship is sailing toward the strange meteorite and their expedition turns then into a true race.

The first episode to be printed directly in color, The Shooting Star (1942) is based on an event which sees the fall in the Arctic regions of a meteorite which allegedly contains an unknown metal. Tintin and Haddock join the expedition in an attempt to retrieve it. This attempt will turn into a veritable race against the clock involving a team of unscrupulous financiers.

L'astronome Hyppolyte Calys a-t-il raison d'annoncer à Tintin que la fin du monde est imminente? Ce que laisse voir son télescope est en tout cas très clair: une énorme boule de feu, apparue dans le ciel depuis peu, se rapproche à toute vitesse et menace sérieusement de percuter notre planète!

Large Hardback, 62 pages. (Mini-hardback edition is not currently available).