Tintin Coke en Stock - Tintin The Red Sea Sharks - Tintin volume # 19

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Tintin Coke en Stock - Tintin The Red Sea Sharks - Tintin volume # 19 by Hergé. Captain Haddock simply cannot believe it, but human trafficking really is still going on, even in the twentieth century (and today in the twenty-first century). The Red Sea Sharks lifts the veil on the scandal of the modern day slave trade. Hergstayed abreast of current affairs, and as was his style, for this story he wove real-life news into action-packed adventure. The Red Sea Sharks holds a record: it is the book in which the highest number of secondary characters in The Adventures of Tintin reappear: General Alcazar (and his rival), Abdullah, Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab (and his rival), Doctor Mller, Oliveira da Figueira, Rastapopoulos Jolyon Wagg, Bianca Castafiore, Allan Thompson, Nestor, Dawson...

Recontre fortuitement, le Général Alcazar met involontairement Tintin et le Capitaine Haddock sur la piste de trafiquants d'armes. En fait, c'est au Khemed qu'ils découvriront un trafic encore plus odieux dont le code est Coke en stock. Le Docteur Müller, Allan et même Rastapopoulos en sont les acteurs!

Mini-hardback or Large Hardback Edition, 62 pages.