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Tierra DVD - 1996 film directed by Julio Medem. 'Tierra' is an interesting metaphysical Spanish fantasy with an unusual central character called Angel who by his own admission is half man, half angel, and he also admits to a turn in hospital to cure his hyperactive imagination. What's more , he is a first class fumigator who with the help of casual gypsy labour rids the soil of woodlice. The story opens in vineyard country, red dry undulating fields of gnarled vines, swirling red dust before an approaching storm, a lightning strike that splits a tree in half and kills a shepherd and some of his lambs. A great dramatic introduction that sets the scene for what is to follow. There are numerous references to the dimensions of the universe, to the spaciousness of creation. The film starts with a panoramic vision of the stars and ends with a flight of birds wheeling in the sky. The love interest in the film is provided by Angela, a farmer's wife in love with the newly-arrived Angel, and Mari, who frequents the bars and is quite a deft hand at billiards too. Her snake-like movements are very seductive and Angel begins to admire them, too, but being half angel has its own special problems. Stars Carmelo Gomez, Emma Suárez, Karra Elejalde and Silke Hornillos Klein. Unrated, 125 minutes.