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Themeworks - The French Teacher's "Heaven Book"

You will soon discover why this workbook from Etienne is called the "French Teacher's Heaven Book"!!! Get the latest teacher resource from award-winning Étienne - over 100 pages of Fun, Games and Activities.

The themes are:
Les Couleurs, À L'École, La Mode, Le Transport, La Famille, Chez Moi, Le français, Les Numéros, Les Parties du Corps and Le Calendrier.

* Introduction – with theme vocabulary and extended activities
* Anticipation Guide – to start off each theme
* Title Page – to collect and present theme ideas
* Corner Race Game – to begin interactive vocabulary building
* Speed Card Game – to reinforce team vocabulary building
* Art Activity – to provide visual and expressive vocabulary sharing
* Word Fun Sheet – to practice vocabulary manipulation
* Word Search – to reinforce vocabulary recognition
* Crossword – to further challenge vocabulary knowledge
* RAFTS Challenge – for a contextual setting of vocabulary practice