The Yellow Fountain (La Fuente Amarilla) DVD

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The Yellow Fountain (La Fuente Amarilla) DVD - 1999 film directed by Miguel Santesmases. Lola seeks to revenge the killing of her Spanish father and Chinese mother, murdered by the Madrid Chinese mafia. Aided and abetted by a somewhat timid, even repressed and introverted Sergio, who just has an enormous archive of dossiers Chinese in Madrid The making of this film upset the local Chinese community, and even the Chinese Embassy lodged a court injunction to get it stopped on the grounds of racism. However a bit of common sense held out and the resulting film is not racist. Eduardo Noriega's performance oozes on-scene improvisation, such as stuttering with emotion and fright. The title of the film (The Yellow Fountain) is because according to Chinese legend it is where the dead go to drink. Also stars Silvia Abascal, Salvador Madrid and Carlos Wu. Unrated (rated 13 in Spain), 93 minutes.