Pope's Toilet, The - El Baño del Papa

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The Pope's Toilet - El Baño del Papa - 2007 film directed by César Charlone. In Melo, a poor Uruguayan country village near the Brazilian border, several men (black and white) earn their living from contraband, mostly transported on bicycles. One of them, Beto, is getting too old for heavy freights but hopes to a earn a motorbike. The idea is to build and charge money for the use of a proper lavatory at the occasion of the first-ever papal visit to Urugay, as is holiness is expected to pass trough Melo where he may be cheered by hordes of Catholic Brazilians. This film helps you understand what poverty does to the characters; their broken dreams, their lack of material goods, their lack of education, food, etc., the subtle (and not so subtle sometimes) messages about honesty, friendship and family values, and how strong those values can be. A worthwhile film! Stars Andrea Alvarez, Wilson Alvez and Carlos Andrade. Unrated, but rated G in Canada (but there is some language that should make it PG-13 - but no violence, nudity or sex). Spanish audio with optional English subtitles. 90 minutes.

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