The Closet - DVD

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The Closet - DVD - (Le Placard) 2000 French film directed by Francis Veber. A great comedy with a phenomenal cast with typical French humor and interesting insights to the perceptions people have of others around them. François Pignon, a very bland sort of man who works as an accountant in a rubber factory, is about to be fired. His new neighbor comes up with an idea to prevent such a thing to happen: he spreads the rumor that he's gay so that the factory management might be afraid they'll be sued for sexual discrimination. Of course, nothing happens as it should, but the changes in François Pignon's life - and other people's too - is drastic! Stars Daniel Auteil, Gerard Depardieu, Thierry L'Hermitte, Michel Aumont and Jean Rochefort. Rated R (but just for 1 brief sexual scene!), 84 minutes. Available with English subtitles.