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Textris - If you who have played the addictive game Tetris, know how it works: move a shape down into a column to complete a shape with no gaps. Here the student is expected to move words into correct columns. Each correct guess down pushes down water in the column, in turn raising the level of a large tank where a poor language teacher is stranded. Each incorrect guess has the opposite effect. The aim of the game is to get the teacher to the top of the tank where he can escape through the door.

The columns will consist of lexical set headings, or grammar points. Students are rewarded for getting, for example, Swim, into the irregular past tense column.

The authoring option makes creating new word groups, based on what your students have been studying in class with you, child's play. If you can type, and can press Finish, then you can customise this program to meet your needs.

Textris requires: PC; Pentium 90+; Windows 98/XP; CD-ROM drive; 10MB free hard drive space; High color display.