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Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language - Theories and Applications - Edited by Michael E. Everson, Yun Xiao Ideal For: Teachers of Chinese language at the K-12 or college levels. Just as the demand for Chinese language programs is growing across North America, schools are facing a shortage of trained teachers and a host of challenges. How can teachers meet the needs of a complex classroom filled with both Chinese heritage learners and those completely new to Chinese? How can Chinese teachers from diverse backgrounds adapt to a North American teaching environment and expectations?

Designed to help teachers create and execute strong, sustainable K-16 Chinese language programs, this ground-breaking resource book is the first of its kind specifically written for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. It contains essays written by a diverse group of experienced educators in the field. Essays are divided into three main sections: 1) Teaching Chinese in Context, 2) Teacher Knowledge and Pedagogical Decisions, 3) Challenges and Strategies for the North American Classroom.

Perfect as a course book for pre-service and in-service teacher training programs.
Contains just the right blend of theory and practice---includes relevant theories as well as hands-on classroom methods, examples, and innovations.
Addresses not only how to teach the language, but also how to create and sustain a sequenced, articulated curriculum---especially relevant as the demand for new Chinese programs continues to rise.
Stresses application of both ACTFL national content standards and Chinese language standards.
By taking an issues approach as well as highlighting specific techniques and principles that will guide Chinese language teachers in making appropriate decisions in their classrooms, this book is an indispensible resource for teachers striving for excellence in the Chinese language classroom.

Essay Topics:
The Importance of Standards (Michael E. Everson, University of Iowa)
Bringing Culture into the Chinese Language Classroom through Contextualized Performance (Matthew Christensen, Brigham Young University)
Focusing on the Learner in the Chinese Language Classroom: Moving from 'Talking the Talk to 'Walking the Walk' (Cynthia Ning, University of Hawaii)
Teaching Chinese Orthography and Discourse: Knowledge and Pedagogy (Yun Xiao, Bryant University)
Teaching Listening and Speaking: An Interactive Approach (Xiaohong Wen, University of Houston)
Literacy Development in Chinese as a Foreign Language (Michael E. Everson, University of Iowa)
Teaching Chinese as a Heritage Language: Keys to Success (Yun Xiao, Bryant University)
Technology in Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (Tianwei Xie, University of California, Long Beach, and Tao-chung Yao, University of Hawaii)
AP Chinese Language and Culture: Pedagogical Implications and Applications (T. Richard Chi, University of Utah)
Linking Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development: Challenges of a K-16 Articulated Program (Madeline K. Spring, Arizona State University)
Understanding the Culture of American Schools and Managing the Successful Chinese Language Classroom (Leslie Schrier, University of Iowa)

Paperback, 272 pages. Email us at polyglot@wor.com for a pdf file with the Table of Contents and excerpts.