Teach Me Japanese and More Japanese

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Audio CDs


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Teach Me Japanese and More Japanese Ages 2 - 10. Introduce Japanese to young children through American songs in Japanese, Japanese songs and simple dialogue. Critically applauded series introduces young children to foreign languages. Mari teaches the days of the week, the alphabet and counting. Audio features familiar tunes sung by native children accompanied by professional musicians. The classic coloring books from the Teach Me and Teach Me More series are now combined into a 48-page edition. This new edition includes the coloring pages from both titles, and a 60-minute audio CD so children can listen, learn and sing along. Delightfully illustrated book suitable for coloring includes all song lyrics (in kana and transiliteration) and translations of these songs: The More We Get Together, The Wheels on the Car, Yaoya-san, Hush Little Baby, Are You Sleeping, On the Bridge, Days of the Week, Sakura Sakura, Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, Six Little Ducks, Rain Song Medley, Oh! Susanna, Alphabet & Numbers, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Komori-Uta, One Elephant, Good Night My Friends, Te-o Tatakimashoo, You'll Sing a Song, Brown Girl in the Ring, Oats and Beans and Barley, Mushi-no Koe, Haru-ga Kita, Donguri Koro Koro, Going to the Zoo, Down on Grandpa's Farm, Tingalayo, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Happy Birthday, Old MacDonald, Simon Says, Five Little Pumpkins, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Snowman Boogie, Sailing, Sailing, Silent Night, Umi, Oshoogatsu, Day-O, Mame Maki, Months of the Year.