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Talk Business German - If you want to succeed in business abroad, then Talk Business German is for you. Aimed at people who already know the basics, it gives the specialised language you need for doing business abroad. Must-know language ranges from basics like 'what is your website address?' to more advanced discussion of exchange rates, product guarantees and marketing budgets. There are nine topics: business meetings, trading, IT, the internet, advertising, negotiations, banking and many more. Features include: Speech Recording - so you can compare your pronunciation with theirs. Cinematic dubbing - enabling the on-screen characters speak with your voice. Multiple Choice Quizzes - to test your understanding Easy and Hard Games - where you win marks for good pronunciation. Automatic localisation - lets you choose the language you learn from. Printable phrasebook - print by section and take the print-outs with you. Extras disc - includes free world atlas game. Challenge yourself, friends and family to know exactly where each country in the world is and much more.

Network Licenses:
The teachers can access the program from any workstation or the central server. Any number of teachers can be active at once to add, remove, monitor students or print reports. Data export facility allows records to be exported into Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and many other spreadsheets and databases. Monitor facility allows teachers to watch what students are doing and listen to them as they talk. 


NUMBER OF TITLES (cost per title)


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For more than 100 users or 100 titles, please e-mail or call for pricing.
"Titles" refers to any language title of Vocabulary Builder, Talk Now, World Talk, Talk the Talk, Talk Business.

Talk Business German Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista; QuickTime 6 or higher. Mac requires: OSX 10.3.9+; QuickTime 6 or higher