Tales and Traditions vol. 3

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Tales and Traditions vol. 3

Just as children gain literacy in their native language by reading, learners of a foreign language must read large amounts of level-appropriate books and material to attain fluency in their target language. Tales and Traditions was specially created to help learners of Chinese achieve that goal, by collecting adaptations and selections from the most well-known works in the Chinese literary and folk canon in a series of convenient supplementary readers.

This third volume for low-advanced learners contains classical poems, background on culturally significant places in China, love stories, tales of warriors and heroes, and more Chinese legends and myths.

    • Simplified and traditional characters on facing pages.

    • Vocabulary lists.

    • Questions for discussion and cultural comparison in both Chinese and English.

    • English abstracts.

  • Especially suitable for students preparing for the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam.

About the Readings in Chinese Literature Series

Tales and Traditions is a four-volume series of supplementary reading material that corresponds to four different levels of Chinese proficiency from advanced-beginning through advanced. Paperback.

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