StartKlar Abenteuer Zahlen und Buchstaben

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software

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StartKlar Abenteuer Zahlen und Buchstaben - German version of Jumpstart Adventure with Math and Jumpstart Adventure with Letters - for ages 6 - 9. 2 CD-ROM set. In the Adventure with Numbers, Frankie, the Jumpstart Dog, needs your help! Enjoy all sorts of activities, avoid asteroids, as you work on your math skills, all in German. In the Adventure with Letters, help Fridolin the Frog free his friend Tommy. You must spell words faster and faster, and of course, correctly!

Startklar requires: PC; 486DX/66; Windows 95 or 98; 16MB RAM; 256 color display; Soundcard; 4X CD-ROM drive.