Spanish Q-Cards


SKU: MFP SQ-11 Madame Fifi

Spanish Q-Cards - These are question flash cards for paired speaking proficiency and fluency practice which keep recycling and reinforcing material learned. The set has 40 full sheets of card stock (8-1/2 x 11'). Each one has six boxes on it which all contain one question asked in the usted form. The tú forms are also noted under the questions, so the teacher can announce which discourse to use each time the students practice with the cards. Many questions have up to six options which may be plugged in.

These full-sized cards may be used as is, or they may also be cut into 240 small Q-cards. There are 750 possible questions, and up to 1200 with the tú option. Every day the students take one full sheet or five small cards and ask their partners the questions. Or each pair of students can take one full sheet or five small cards and both partners ask each other the same questions.

RULE: The person answering must never look at the Q-Cards. This activity is for listening practice, too!

The Spanish Q-Cards can be used for warm-ups at the start of class or for more serious proficiency practice during the class. The cards will be extremely helpful before term interviews or proficiency evaluations. The more the students practice, the better they'll internalize the questions and the faster they will respond. They'll keep incorporating new material into their answers.

The topics are: greetings, names, ages, seasons, months, days, dates, time, colors, numbers, weather, nationalities, prices, adjectives, negative and interrogative words, te/le gusta, tener expressions, addresses . . . plus vocabulary and culture.