Smart Kids - 3 CD-ROM pack

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Smart Kids - 3 CD-ROM pack - Ages 7 - 14. Get all 3 programs: Ali Baba, Hassan und Herkules and Elch und Elsie Elster auf Abenteuer - Limited quantities left! This multilingual software from Germany ( German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish on 1 CD-ROM but with German packaging) has 4 entertaining parts. There is the story, which is read aloud. Enhance the narration, by clicking on hot spots and adding hilarious sound effects. There are 12 jigsaw puzzles from pages in the story. The memory game is a concentration format, match the pairs from the story. Lastly, go to the coloring book and color your choice of 12 pages from the story.

Smart Kids require: PC; 486DX4/100+; 16MB RAM; 4X CD-ROM drive; Sound card; SVGA 256 color display; Win 95, 98 or NT 4.0; Mouse.